Time for a Game

Playing games is about much more than having a bit of fun. Games help children learn and develop social skills, while for adults there are plenty of cognitive and stress-busting benefits. Games are a way to relax and interact with our peers, and with the advancement of technology and the internet, there are more ways to play than ever before.

Board Games

The birth of the internet has not killed off the original board game format. While many of these games can now also be played online, nothing beats the social experience of all sitting down around the table and playing face to face. There are serious and strategic games like chess, and children’s games of chance like snakes. Test your word power with Scrabble or get into a hot debate while becoming a property tycoon in Monopoly; everyone has their favourite.

Card Games

All you need is a few packs of playing cards, and the possibilities are endless. There are also plenty of places to play online, so even if you’re solo it needn’t stop you. If you’re interested in learning the classic casino card game of poker, then the Five Card Draw version is a good place to start. This is a less complex version of the more commonly-played styles, with only two rounds of betting. The quick-fire nature of the game makes it really fun, and the simple rules are perfect for beginners. Place your bet, then choose to trade up to three of your five cards after the first round – four if you’re holding an Ace.

Video Games

The diversity of video games on the market these days is truly staggering. Anyone who claims not to be a fan of these types of games is sure to be converted by at least one of the many options out there. There are classic fighting and racing games, sports games and quest games, to name but a few, and the developers keep pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.