Working Abroad

Many of us find our country rather drab and dreary so the suggestion that we could work somewhere warm and sunny sounds like the perfect option. In recent years, Malta has become one such destination, offering Brits, and other nationalities, the chance to experience the sun. There are so many perks to taking the chance and moving there, from the weather and culture through to the working opportunities and the fact that the island speaks English. However, there are of course a series of hurdles that have to be tackled prior to working there, and it is these that we shall briefly outline.First, it is important to know whether you are in fact able to work in Malta. Some nationalities are not so fortunate as the British and do not have as many options available to them. Being part of the EU, Malta is relatively accessible to EU citizens as well, and you can read about that here. Prospective workers should make sure to comply with all regulations that are in place, and it can be worth getting a lawyer in these situations just to make sure you haven’t missed anything.It’s not all rose-tinted glasses though. Many expats are disappointed to find that salaries are lower than other European countries unless in a very specialised job. However, the cost of living is lower than the rest of the EU meaning that in general, things do balance out. If however, you are looking for a highly lucrative job, then maybe this island is not the place for you. For those where money is not the main concern, they will find that Maltese companies are hugely friendly, welcoming newcomers with open arms and treating them like family. However, if you quit, companies may take it a little more to heart than anywhere else.